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About Us

"Led by their hearts"

Debi Natale and Helen Carey, co-directors, started Parent to Parent Addiction Services Inc. in Warren County in 2014.


This is based on the Parent to Parent, Inc. model  that was founded over twenty years ago in South Jersey by four women, of which three lost their sons to heroin overdoses. Debi and Helen partnered with them to bring similar services to Warren county and  surrounding areas.


We pride ourselves on many success stories with individuals now living in long term recovery. We follow up with them even after they have completed sober living to help support them in the next stages of their lives, after treatment is completed. We have relationships with numerous trusted professionals in all fields of the recovery process throughout New Jersey and surrounding areas to confidently refer to our clients for treatment services. We answer every phone call and email the same day. Helen also responds to those grieving a loss from substance abuse to offer support.


Debi's son, after many years of suffering from a heroin addiction, is now living in long term recovery since October 2012.

Helen's son Billy tragically lost his life at the age of 20 to an accidental overdose in 2013.

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